Throwback to the ’80s

  • 09 Feb - 15 Feb, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Fashion in the ’80 was just plain brutal. Talk about giant hair perms which did irreversible damage, suffocating leotards made for frequent visits to the gyno, and let's not even get into that blue eyeshadow. No other decade gets dragged (rightfully so) as much as the ’80s, but as the cyclical life of fashion goes, certain trends are making their way back into pop culture.

Chunky sneakers, tiny sunglasses, and bike shorts are just the tip of the iceberg. Big designers like Versace, Alexander Wang, and Marc Jacobs are revisiting the ’80s in ways that don’t feel out of place in 2019, and here we explore the most wearable throwback trends.

Pastel Prep

Prep school chic is often overlooked when talking about '80s fashion. For reference, it was all about Molly Ringwald and colorful sweaters tied around your shoulder. On the runway, brands like Marc Jacobs went for a pink boulcé jacket that's reminiscent of the '60s, but '80s in proportions. For your daily life, try feminine cardigans and easy tweed dresses.

Scarf prints

Scarf prints entailing iconic mashup of chains, laurel leafs, and more – are on the come up. And of course the one time Queen makes it to a fashion show; the aftermath can hardly be ordinary. Her influence has been absorbed into fashion trends across continents, as the return of the silk scarves. Never before, were so many silk scarves spotted in a single season. Try an outfit by clashing wild prints together, or pare it back with your favorite pair of jeans.

Statement Hair Accessories

Scrunchies and barrettes are having a moment, but padded headbands are our beloved pick from the decade. The statement accessory isn't quite as iconic as the sporty headbands worn while using a Thighmaster, but they are way chicer.

Metallic Glam

The '80s was a big decade: big hair, big shoulders, and big statements for a night out. Spotted in past season at Balmain, these outfits might seem difficult but you can tone them down with minimal jewelry and sleek heels. Jem and the Holograms would be proud.

Chain Belts

Chain belts are my current obsession, and no one does them better than Chanel. Wear one to add a surge of interest to a basic outfit like a white button down and black pants.

Off-the-Shoulder & Cold-Shoulder Silhouettes

This shoulder-baring style is found in every clothing store today, but it was commonplace in '80s classics like ‘Flashdance’, ‘Heathers’, ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Ghostbusters’. Whitney Houston and Madonna were also fans of the style during that period. Take inspiration from this model who walks the Zimmermann runway show wearing an off-the-shoulder floral top and matching skirt.


It's easy to gravitate to quiet neutrals like navy and gray, but this season we're embracing colors that barely exist in the natural world. Highlighter yellow, pink, and orange instantly perk up an outfit, which can be a godsend in dreary winter months. Ease into the trend with one bold color, and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Acid washed denim

One of the edgier '80s styles was acid-washed denim, which reflected the rock 'n' roll culture of the time period. A model at Ralph Lauren's runway show in February wears the style by sporting a bleached jacket and matching jeans.

Leopard Print

Leopard was the official print of '80s Supers, and it's making a roaring comeback, seen recently at Parisian runways. As far as we're concerned, it's a neutral. It transitions easily from day to night, which means you can incorporate the catty print into any outfit.

Slouchy Boots

The '80s were known for scrunched up styles, and that extended to bangs, actual scrunchies, and boots. Brands have been featuring the style on the runway for a few years now, but it's finally starting to infiltrate our wardrobe. Try them with leggings for a great outfit.

Ankle socks

Ankle socks worn with heels or sneakers were a classic '80s style – the slouchier, the better. While in the aughts it was more about hiding your socks with lower-rise pairs, now, it seems showing your sock is making a fashionable return – from street-style stars pairing them with designer pumps, seen here during Paris Fashion Week, to off-duty models donning a pair.