Anupam Kher hints Zaira was forced to quit Bollywood

Bollywood’s veteran star Anupam Kher has hinted that the decision does not come from the 19-year-old Dangal star herself.

"I think it's a tragedy that a 16-17 year old girl has to take a decision like that. I do respect her sentiments and it's her individual choice. But as a person, I feel sad that she had to take a decision like this about her flourishing career,” he said during a media interaction in New Delhi.

Personally, I feel she should not have done that. The fact that she has gone all out to sort of say that I am doing it for religion or something like that... a certain amount of tilt has gone into it. She is most welcome to take her decision. I felt sad when I read that. I felt that somewhere, she had to take that decision. It is not her decision," he continued.