Zaira Wasim refuses to promote her last film

Dangal actor Zaira Wasim has been trending since she announced her Bollywood exit to focus on her relationship with Islam.

The 19-year-old took to her Facebook account, informing her followers that she is leaving the industry as it interfered with her faith and that she wasn’t truly happy with this ‘line of work’.

The team of what’s apparently the last film of young actress Zaira Wasim’s career, is being driven up the wall by her sudden and completely unforeseen retirement from the entertainment industry.

While many have condemned Zaira for making such an ostentatious exit from acting others have also supported her decision. The producers of her third and supposedly last film The Sky Is Pink had put out a statement in support of her decision to quit. But now, it seems Zaira Wasim has producers climbing up the wall, as she decided not to promote the film which opens in October.

A source close to the project says, “This has put the producers in a tight spot. Because the film’s other female lead Priyanka Chopra can only do a limited amount of publicity, for obvious reasons. They were counting on Zaira and Farhan Akhtar to take care of the publicity. But now there’s only Farhan.”