Jack of all trades and master of THE one – despite how overused this phrase is, it fits right at Munib Nawaz. The 30-something old fashion designer-cum- entrepreneur cum RJ has a highlighted philosophical demeanor that he channels so well into his creations, especially considering he’s been responsible of styling A-list celebrities in movies and music videos for years. Nationally and internationally acclaimed, Nawaz has won multiple accolades for his male fashion line including one at Miami Fashion Week 2009, bringing new exposure to the Pakistani fashion industry. He spared 60 seconds for MAG from his schedule of being good at everything and we can’t help but be impressed by the ace designers’ life philosophy. Read on…

Career-defining moment?

The day I decided I want to have a career.

Happiness is…

Being grateful for being who you are with what you have.

The key to success is…

Be grateful and be able to do things that make you manifest a better you. Be in the moment, learn and laugh and always be positive.

Hardest life lesson…

Is taught when you start trying to fulfill other people's expectations of you.

Your inspiration behind Chalawa’s wardrobe?

The story was pretty direct hence the style direction was also kept with the same feel.

Key life lesson…

Be here now.

What inspires you?

Life. Happiness. Beauty. Music. Literature.

You, in three words?

Be. Here. Now.

Advice to your younger self…

Don't worry. Life has its own plans bigger than yours.

Greatest life achievement?

Learning how to be happy.

Greatest fear?


Biggest joy?

Being around friends and family.

Something you still want to learn?


How was your experience of hosting the LSA?

Red carpet hosting is a lot of fun. I was really looking forward to this year. I remember being at the first LSA as a backstage helper with Amir Adnan. This particular year marked an essential year as the awards also took on a narrative that is very close to me. An underlined theme of love and harmony is super awesome to celebrate.