FaceTime forces you to make eye contact


We all know when we video chat, most of us just end up looking at ourselves at all times, whether that is narcissism or self-consciousness, is a debate we will leave to the psychoanalysts. Apple seems to have a problem with this and is now rolling out a feature that shall force you to make eye contact with the other person. Talk about awkwardness. Apple is running an iOS 13 beta ahead of the big update's launch later this year and one new feature made waves on Twitter. ‘FaceTime Attention Correction’ promises to make your eye contact ‘more accurate’ during video calls, according to the menu setting spotted by app designer Mike Rundle.

Uber upgrades in favour of drivers

A slew of new features are coming to the Uber driver app starting Thursday for the most experienced drivers as well as novices who just signed up for their first ride. For those newbie drivers, Uber now has a simulated trip that's available through the app to show what it's like before you hit the road. It's like a live tutorial so you aren't experiencing a drop-off for the first time with a finicky, impatient passenger. Additionally, there are feature redesigns such as auto-accept, which lets drivers toggle it on and not have to manually accept the next ride if they're on a roll. For drivers trying to earn bonuses for completing consecutive trips or a certain number of trips in a certain time period, this is a hands-free way to accept more rides.