Vivek Agnihotri announces new film on Kashmir, shares poster of The Kashmir Files

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has shared the first poster of his next film, The Kashmir Files. Speaking at an event to announce the project, he said he wants to present the unreported history of Kashmiri Hindus in his upcoming film, The Kashmir Files.

“Kashmiri hindus were literally butchered, raped and made homeless. It is one of the most tragic genocides in Indian history but is absent from our history and our consciousness. All I want to achieve is to present the unreported history of Kashmiri hindus,” Agnihotri told IANS, adding, “I believe artists owe it to society which consumes their work. It’s unbelievable that there are so many films on Kashmir but not even one on the misery, pain and loss of the (state’s) Hindu minority.” The Kashmir Files, based on the genocide of Kashmiri hindus, is scheduled to hit screens in August 2020. Other details about the film are still under wraps.

The director earlier made The Tashkent Files, which revolves around the mysterious death of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966, soon after the signing of the Tashkent Agreement between India and Pakistan to put an end to 1965 war.