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Mehwish Hayat

It is with great sadness, I heard of the passing of Abid Ali Sahib. A great actor, a great director & above all a wonderful human being. Many fond memories of working with him. His presence in the industry will be sorely missed. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannat. Ameen

Ahmed Ali

With the beautiful @s_qamarzaman

Something is cooking well and I mean from my side because she can't cook. As you'll see soon.

Ali Zafar

“Your mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine.”

Armeena Khan

I was watching a documentary on Netflix last night called “the great hack.” I think every person on this planet needs to see it. You are being manipulated in ways you don’t even understand. A MUST/COMPULSORY watch.

Sanam Saeed

"Ordinary people routinely demonstrate how much more politically astute the Pakistani people are than those who rule over us."