Skin care redefined

New on the rack

The newest skin care line to open in Karachi, ILYNN, is here to redefine how we look at skin care. Unveiling the brand’s three well-packaged and shiny bottles in azure blue and white – Rapid Repair Vitamin C Serum, Rejuvenating Night Cream and Daily Nourishment Moisturiser and preceding with a panel discussion of skin care experts at the launch at Movenpick Hotel. The formulas designed by experts in aesthetic medicine without being limited to the frequently seen “dermatologist tested” or “dermatologist recommended”; this product had cosmetologist coming on board with their expertise. ILYNN is a naturally-derived, Paraben-free formula that is pH balanced and ensures that it can suit even to the most sensitive skin types. The product, as announced by an ambassador, caters to a gap caused by a lack in the market. He further states the important, and often ignored, factor of every women having a different need depending on her age, sun exposure, skin care, diet and more. The interface and algorithm of the website is designed as such to suggest the customer the product they need based on a few questions about your skin health. Furthermore, the brand also answers individual queries from customers by a dermatologist on the team.