Pearl Harbour

The classic is cool again

Pearls have long been a staple of those with a more classic aesthetic, but 2019 has seen the nostalgic piece make it back into the mainstream and, in turn, has wooed a whole new crowd. In mythology, pearls symbolise wisdom acquired through experience. On catwalks and beyond, the glistening drop suggests sophistication and refinement.

Championing the return of the pearl were several of our favourite influencers. Whether they jumped on the bandwagon via an earring or a detailed shoe, a hair slide or a tote bag, our Instagram feeds have been treated to a comprehensive lesson in how to wear the trend today.

Eccentric Hoops

A brilliant earring trend from the early 2000’s is being recreated with a touch of class. Hoops are now stronger than ever, allowing jewellery pieces to rise to a statement to add a pearl or two to the mix. The classic thin hoop that is now larger than life includes glistening spheres of different sizes and colours, making it a perfect addition to formal and casual winter outfits.

Seashells and pearls

This time around, the best ways to wear pearls are combined with the seashell trend, if you don’t want to choose one over the other, paired with dainty gold hoops, in your hair with statement barrettes, and around your neck, as loose or tight as you want them.


Sweaters, t-shirts and dainty clutches aligned with sporadic pearls is this season’s new chic. Don’t shy from sporting box clutches encrusted with pearls and diamantes.

To avoid looking outdated, this year saw the humble pearl elevated to such an extent that nothing would've been considered too much.

Whether you layer yours with oversized mixed metals, other forms of embellishment or (why not?!) even more pearls, the trick is to forgo the impulse to keep things subtle.