He maybe the jack of most trades, but he’s an undisputed master of one; the art of film making – Wajahat Rauf and the Voice Over Man of unprecedented YouTube fame. With his many production ventures or his fresh-off-the-boat, web-series Enaya, the star studded Chhalawa, Lahore Seh Agay and Karachi Se Lahore, the man is on a roll. We talk to the ace director he sure knows how to keep things interesting. Excerpts follow:

Career-defining moment?

When I was in college in Los Angeles studying business, one day after class, I was looking at the mass communications building and saw these kids with cameras and tripods and their caps on backwards. Transferred from my MBA to the TV/film department immediately and never told my parents till graduation. You can say caps and tripods changed my life.

Happiness is…

After family, definitely chocolate.

The key to success is…


Hardest life lesson…

Never have gannay ka juice from street stalls.

Key life lesson…

When you're in a good mood, the whole world seems to be in a good mood.

What inspires you?

Good films and funny people.

You, in three words?

Overworked, underpaid, hence funny (I think).

Advice to your younger self…

Don't spend it all, idiot.

Greatest life achievement?

Yet to come. But I am happy that I got to make the first web series from Pakistan for an international platform.

Greatest fear?

Losing my family.

Biggest joy?

At the cost of repeating myself, chocolate and ice cream.

Something you still want to learn?

Playing every single musical instrument ever invented.