• 14 Sep - 20 Sep, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly

Making for an interesting and beautifully shot series, it unfortunately buckles under its own slow pace. Although this does improve as the episodes tick by, whether you’ll make it far enough to see this narrative close out remains to be seen. The story here revolves around an aboriginal tribe deep in the heart of the jungle. When a young, Bogotá-based detective named Helena is drawn into their homeland to investigate four femicides, what follows is a crime drama swimming in mystery, supernatural elements and tension. Yua from the Arupanis tribe is interestingly depicted, with his healing power a constant source of mystery throughout the series. As the episodes progress, we also learn more via flashbacks about Ushe, the girl found dead in the first episode, and this does help add some context to the narrative as a whole.

The series could easily have been chopped to half its run-time but in true Netflix fashion, the series feels bloated and unnecessarily over-long. It’s probably not the easiest to binge-watch thanks to its pacing but if you can take to the supernatural elements and fancy something a little more thought provoking than your usual slew of crime thrillers, Green Frontier might just do the trick.

It may not be the best series out there but is certainly worth a go. Requires some serious patience to get to the good stuff. Rating: