CU nurse donates part of her liver to 8-Year-old Wisconsin boy

  • 14 Sep - 20 Sep, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
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An eight-year-old boy has a new lease on life after a Milwaukee nurse stepped in to donate part of her liver in a life-saving transplant. Brayden Auten returned to his family’s Wisconsin home in July after recovering from a partial liver transplant thanks to a “selfless” ICU nurse, Cami Loritz, WBAY reported. Now, Brayden is set to head back to school – months after his family wondered whether he’d live or die. “What she did was completely selfless and she saved his life, plain and simple,” James Auten, Brayden’s father, told WBAY of Loritz. Brayden’s mom, Ruth Auten, added, “We can’t thank her enough. She’s a true miracle. We consider her one of us, one of our family.”