Zubab Rana - All Eyes On Her

From making a well-received debut in Naseebon Jali, to being an antagonist as Aleena in Merey Khudaya, to stepping into the shoes of Hania in Bandish, Zubab Rana has been delivering a stream of strong performances, leaving many in awe. The young model-turned-actress has a knack for challenging herself, yet confesses that she’s a sensitive soul, with a simple dream. 

How would you define yourself as an individual?

I am a very sensitive person but at the same time I’m strong too, there are so many reasons which make me strong; one being our society. At the same time I aspire to be headstrong and confident in all walks of life.

At what point in your life, did you realise that you were destined to be an actor?

I never planned on being an actor; an opportunity just came my way one day. I was doing my BS from Lahore but had come to Karachi and perused modelling. It was here that I was offered a project and I couldn’t stop myself to get head on with it. The project was Naseebo Jali, which marked my debut into acting. After that, it all flowed seamlessly.

What came before, the model or the actress? How and when did you land your first project as either?

The model came first. I began my career with modelling and it was a great experience, giving me good exposure. I transitioned into an actress in the year 2017, with Naseebo Jali. The script really inspired me because it was based on a true story. Everyone loved it and the response I got from the audience was phenomenal.

How do you as an actor, endeavor to be selective about your work? When a script comes your way, what gives you the feeling that this might just work?

I always make sure to give my best since I am very passionate about my work. Whenever a character or a role is given to me, I make a conscious effort to deliver it to perfection. I always endeavor to select projects which carry a social message for my audience. I select scripts which will make an impact.

From the few roles you have played so far, which has been the one which has impacted you the most - in a positive or a negative way?

Aleena from Merey Khudaya left a long-lasting impact on me because that story was based on a real incident. And it was a story which resonated with most women – since it revolved around harassment issues. As a woman, the role came very naturally to me and I felt I didn’t have to put in a lot of effort, since every emotion came naturally but left an impact in a positive way because I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Your character 'Aleena' from Merey Khudaya landed you in the first antagonist role of your career. How was your experience stepping into the skin of a negative character? Would you rather be a protagonist or an antagonist in a script?

Aleena’s character from Merey Khudaya is remembered and the audiences literally started hating me after my performance. Yes it also garnered a lot of appreciation from all quarters, so it was a mix response. I do not mind being a protagonist or an antagonist, as long as the character given to me is impactful and I can do a good job portraying it.

What would you pick as an alternative career for yourself, if given the choice?

There’s no alternative career for me because when I got into modelling after acting, I fell in love with it. But yeah, if I do not get to do either of this, I would just want to spend my life with my family and travel around the world.

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

I want to be settled with a happily married life, a perfect home with a perfect family, that’s what I planned for me but let’s hope for the best.

On social media, some celebs fall prey to online judgement while some purposely ask for it. What is your say on it? How do you handle online trolling?

I don’t share my personal life on social media, I only share things which people want to see, like my work. If I read negative comments I simply ignore it.

Hair Makeup: Neelo's Salon
Designer: Mariyam D Rizwan
Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Photography: The Rohail
Model: Zubab Rana