Sophisticated Scandinavia

They say grey is gloomy but really though? Wouldn’t you agree it’s classy, refined and has that adult vibe – because this week, we are lusting for it. We want nothing more than to walk in to our homes and let the innate synchronisation of monochrome welcome us. Here’s everything on our want-list: 

Canvas wall

If you need a break from frames, and the walls still need a voice, then this canvas wall art has an arresting effect.

Glass candle jar

Just saying, if this was ours, we’d never light it… cause who’d want this beauty to end.

Oval couch

Couches like these demand a coffee-and-book detox at the end of the day.

Décor pieces

Add quirk to your living space with this adorable metallic squad.


Cute or creepy? We’ll let you decide.

Coffee table

Matte black coffee table is the answer to all Scandinavian dreams.

Furry rug

Let’s just say we’re setting the “no-shoes” rule in the living room.