• 28 Sep - 04 Oct, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

With the New York Fashion Week calling it wraps, we are eyeing the top-notch trends they have left in its wake, which will be defining the season. This time onwards, the fashion week was more accessible and down-to-earth. Designers like Tory Burch and Sandy Liang showcased ready-to-wear looks we can actually reinvent within the bounds of our own wardrobes. Climate change was a huge topic of conversation this season – which proclaimed another boost from President Emmanuel Macron, whose sustainability-focused Fashion Pact was signed by brands including Chanel, Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Hermes – and these designers are already addressing it confidently. The show had diverse collections from neon pieces to leather coats and jackets ensembles. Different designers were there to experiment innovatively with their collections. Jeremy Scott was out to have fun with his neon rock opera collection. It had everything from electric colours and prints sprayed across puffy cocktail dresses, to psychedelic Hawaiian print menswear, metallic leather mini dresses and pops of bright chainmail. Kate Spade presented in the charming Elizabeth Street gardens. Showing a diverse cast of personalities and models that the customers could identify with, leafy prints on fit and flare dresses were interspersed with delightful crocheted pieces in shades of green. The runway was a maze of hanging crystal fringing, the duo used the crystal strands also as textile yarn, accenting soft tailoring and employed as belts, back draping and shoulder adornments. Tom Ford led us into the depths of a subway station for his latest collection; the clothes took the shape of luxurious sportswear, jackets in hot pink and moulded plastic tops. Coach, Gabriela Hearst and Michael Kors were also among the several designers to present their amazing collections at the NYFW.