Almond-shaped eyes, tresses with a tint of chocolate brown, delicate features and the ‘go-getter’ attitude makes Neha Jay the powerhouse that she is. Jay made her screen debut with Qadam Qadam Ishq and has already diversified her portfolio with production as one of her many talents and is jumping aboard the web series bandwagon. We see her bring her poise and class to the fashion shoots where she makes the ensembles so effortlessly hers. We talk to the model-cum-actress and she keeps it interesting. Excerpts follow:

Career-defining moment?

When I learnt not to be afraid.

Happiness is…?

In the little things.

The key to success is…

Stay calm and do what you believe in.

Hardest life lesson…

Nothing comes for free.

Key life lesson…

You are a reflection of people.

What inspires you?

Kind-hearted souls.

You, in three words?

Crazy, focused and kind.

Advice to your younger self.

Stop eating chocolates.

Greatest life achievement?

Making the best out of situations.

Greatest fear?

Losing my friends.

Biggest joy?

Living everyday as the greatest.

Something you still want to learn?

Extreme sports.