• 12 Oct - 18 Oct, 2019
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Amongst the most prestigious fashion weeks, the entire fraternity, A-list squads and runway-regulars looks up to, the 9th PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2019; called it a wrap last week. Regarded as a fashion event which endeavours to define and present contemporary and traditional Pakistani Bridal fashion, while fusing hair and makeup trends to create looks for the upcoming bridal season.

Hussain Rehar

It was none other than Hussain Rehar who opened the ramp on Day 1, with his bridal collectioned titled ‘Fateh Pur – The Amour Proper of Punjab’. The designer’s collections boasted rich blend of colour contrasts with defiant bold cuts and layering of sheer fabric.

Zubia Zainab

New designer on the block, Zubia Zainab, showcased her bridal collection titled Dare to Dream, her collection emphasised on outfits that were both feminine and also carry an edgy twist. There were capes and embellished tunics, with ruffles and flares added in, mirror-work that was pretty but should have been neater and a smattering of gowns. Actress Ushna Shah walked the ramp as the showstopper.

Nida Azwer

Drawing massive inspiration from the Mughal heritage of art and textiles, the designer attempted to breathe a majestic era to life with her bridal line. Known for reviving age-old techniques while crafting ensembles, she stayed true to her love for animals. The designer finely entwined her signature style with doses of delicate floral embroidery to create a dreamy collection.

Aquafina Rising Talent showcase

The PFDC, in continuation of their consistent efforts to introduce fresh forces of fashion to the industry, brought to PLBW the Rising Talent showcase. Abbas Jamil showcased his collection titled The Dauphin of Versaille. The headgears, clothing style of Marie and the classical baroque interior of the palace were merged together to make the collection which also featured layers of fabrics, Swarovskis, pearls and crystals depicting the richness and delicacy of the collection. Elaha Ahmed showcased her collection Beauty in Ashes. Inspired by the fictional character of Daenerys Targaryen from the fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones, the collection portrayed ‘self-made woman who are feminine yet resilient; such women bloom like roses from ashes and smoke’.

Kamiar Rokni

Drawing from Kamiar Rokni’s Persian heritage, Golestân explored the influence of Iran in sub-continental design, playing with the diversity within femininity, from the modern to the classic, from softer to bolder expressions. Indeed, Rokni envisions modern couture as layered and multi-faceted, embracing different aspects of our nature.

Sania Maskatiya

With Dilara at PLBW, the design house flexed its muscles, putting forward a collection that offered throwbacks to some of her finest works, reinventing it along the way.

Sonia Azhar

It was unfortunate that Sonia Azhar’s designs were part of a lineup that included some of the best collections at PLBW. There were many things wrong with her designs; net backs in a beige colour, the hackneyed gown silhouette and other embellishments like pointed beads that didn’t belong in a bridal showcase.


And then came Mahgul’s Tales of Bijin The collection is based on the power and magic of love and beauty. The collection is inspired by folklore where it is said that in a land east of the Sun, at a time immemorial, a deep darkness covered the realms of men and spirits alike. A stagnant decay pervaded the hearts of all those who entered. Until one day, a beauty bloomed into existence that shone so bright it blinded all those around it by its sheer brilliance.