Little Ladies!

  • 26 Oct - 01 Nov, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Clothes for kids are a separate unit in the fashion industry; most modern designers were able to show their creativity with a new line. Kids fashion has long ceased to be boring and monotonous. Bright colours like tangy oranges, rusty reds and neons are in these days. Casual attires are popular choices because they are comfortable and practical to wear to most occasions. Floral prints with denims are also a go-to option. Designers use various prints, stripes, and applications to decorate children’s clothes. As fashionable prints used a floral theme, a variety of patterns, images of butterflies, stars, animals and cartoon characters are also used. While gold and silver-toned clothing and shoes are the rage these days, pretty colours with a metallic sheen are trending in children’s fashion too. Shiny biker jackets in pink and mauve, sparkly sandals, gold buckles on dresses and pants, and silver or rose-gold bags and backpacks, are bound to make your little ones. Dressing them according to the season and occasion puts the child at ease while still being in style.