World of an eight-year-old climate activist in Pakistan

  • 02 Nov - 08 Nov, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

An eight-year-old climate activist and social entrepreneur, Emaan Danish Khan is quite often seen with a doll either in a wooden frame or in the young climate activist’s arms posing in front of a river or amidst trees, or lying in grass dotted with trash all around. “Fizza is an eco-friendly doll,” Emaan mentions the name of the toy doll. “The underline purpose of the doll is to spread awareness about the environment through its stories and video stories,” she elaborates on the character. A nature enthusiast, Emaan wants to see a ‘green and blue Earth’. She was in kindergarten when she made her first project on environment. A grade four student at Foundation Public School in Karachi, Emaan is saddened by the garbage and plastic she sees around her. According to Emaan, people are not aware of the Global Goals locally. The young activist executes what she advocates for and follows a sustainable lifestyle. “I try to adopt eco-friendly practices and demonstrate recycling methods in daily life that inspires my friends to adopt recycling too.” In order to create a greater impact, Emaan is working on story books on climate. Emaanz Peekaboo is the blog she runs that features her activities.