I have tiny skin tags around my eyes. Is there any home remedy I can try to get rid of it?

You should first consult a dermatologist to identify whether they are skin tags, xanthelasma or syringoma. Many medical treatment options are available for these but home remedies are not advisable.

Please suggest a hair care treatment for post-bleach and dye.

You need to oil your hair religiously with some steroids in lotion forms and get good protein mask after shampoo.

Does drinking water actually clear your skin? I have been doing it for months to no avail.

Yes, it does! But to reap best result, you also need to improve your diet and include more vitamin C rich foods. Increase your intake of fruits that contain anti-oxidants, for example, different kinds of berries.

How do I get enough Vitamin D while still being sun-safe?

You can take vitamin D in tablet form or thought dietary intake like fish tuna, dairy products, orange juice, soups, milk, beef liver, cheese, egg yolk and mushrooms.

What are some skin care tips that everyone must follow??

Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun, and wear sunscreen (SPF 30 on face and SPF 15

on body). Wear UVA protected sunglasses. Do not forget to moisturise after you wash your face. In terms of healthy lifestyle, include foods rich in fibre in your diet, example fruits and vegetables. Exercise daily and try to reduce your stress levels. Do not smoke, hydrate and make sure you have a healthy sleeping pattern. •