by Sara Kazmi

We are about to enter a new era altogether. A decade which will have the energy of air and fire. A fast-moving digital age yet giving importance to the individuality of the people. An era where new structures and systems will be formed. The year 2020 is adding up to number 4 which represents the energy of North Node and Uranus. A year of growth and expansion breaking the taboos of society and breaking barriers of time and a huge shift in our society’s perspective towards certain things. 2020 will be about breaking the limitations and standing up for yourself and taking a stand for what you believe in. It will also be a time of illusions, confusion and obstacles. The energy of North Node and Uranus will be bringing up things in a new order and reforms in government structures in terms of authority constitution and rules and regulations not just in Pakistan but all over the world.

Pakistan in 2020, changes in the government structure is pretty evident. Presence of many planets in the house of land of the Pakistan chart will bring a lot of confusion and chaos for the government Jupiter being in his own house will bring constitutional changes and reforms, Judiciary will be stronger than the previous years but will be questioned. A change in the position of an authoritative figure is very much indicated.


Aries belongs to a Cardinal group of the signs. The year 2020 will be all about restructuring your career and overcoming your inner fears and tying up the loose ends. Planet Jupiter is transiting your luck and wisdom house. So majority of the year will be full of learning and turning luck in your favour which is already helping you through this transit. If you are in the middle of a court case there are higher chances of you winning. Some friendships will be tested or things could be challenging at your work place. Aries needs to stay away from huge investments this year. Those who are planning to tie a knot this year should avoid getting married during the second quarter of 2020. Change of place – be it a new home or moving to a new country is pretty evident too.


Since Taurus is one of the fixed signs in astrology this year they can plan and turn their skills and hobbies into something much more valuable and productive. Through this they can enjoy huge gains since Jupiter planet is transiting the house of sudden gains and hidden things. Self-discovery will make you more content with life. You need to set some boundaries for yourself in order to grow emotionally strong and eliminate self-doubts. Generally, Taureans are not famous for saving up for rainy days so they need to work on their budget for everything, they are planning to be stable financially. Indications of travel are there and it will bring that missing element back in your life. There is also a chance to connect with people who you might end up calling you soul mates.


Gemini belongs to the group of Mutable signs. The struggles you have been undergoing since last March will be overcome by you around the second half of the year. Since will be transiting your relationship house your personal relationships will be strengthened. It is advised to not settle for a breakup which you might regret later. But you should also face your fears, reassess and see what truly brings you peace and joy. Inner satisfaction will be an indication for you to understand that things are going back on track. Belonging to a dual sign, you always indulge in multitasking but this time around don’t overwhelm yourself. Chances are you will get to meet someone who will boost your confidence. You might travel this year for your spiritual growth and feel more connected to that higher power.


Being a Cardinal sign in astrology, the year will revolve around your self-growth and challenges that will keep you on your toes. Throughout the year, Jupiter will be transiting your house of income and sickness. Expect a raise in your salary or a promotion. Cancerians suffering from a long term illness will be expelled from it by mid of June. Someone from your past can show up but the advice will be that don’t drag relationships that no longer bring happiness in your life as it will drain your energy. Be more open about your thoughts and opinions, it will help you grow and connect better. Make proper strategy to control financial issues, don't take any unnecessary debts or if you are already in that situation try to keep track of everything.

Don't switch jobs between September to November – it’s better to complete the task which is given to you rather leave it in the middle.


Leo being a fixed sign in astrology is slated to bring unexpected financial gains and good health. Taking time out to work for your overall well-being should be a priority. With Jupiter transiting your house of education, a significant boost for Leo sportsmen are in order. Students who are planning to go aboard for higher studies will by large be successful in their attempts. There prevail certain planetary conditions which will put your patience to test but in times like these put forth a simple and uncomplicated approach to your mental and physical health. Reset your energy and channel it towards personal goals you want to achieve. It is advised not to undertake big decisions without weighing the pros and cons of it, particularly during September to November. Indications of changes in social life patterns and reconnecting with people from the past is evident. In such situations, re-evaluate things before getting back together. Gains through multiple resources or an increase in salary is also on the cards. So monetarily, it will be a good year.


Belonging to Mutable signs, Virgoans’ desires and wishes are predicted to come true. If you were planning for something for a long time, you will be able to attain it with Jupiter transiting your house of mother, home, property, and land. It will be a good time to invest in property or get an inheritance from your maternal side. Virgoans who are worried related to their mother`s health, this year it will be all good for her as well. A good year for entrepreneurs and people in the marketing and service industry. This year also indicates gains through the stock market. Don't hold back to any relationship which no longer brings a positive harmony into your life. It is a good time to learn some self-healing techniques for a better understanding of your health. Change of place or renovation at home is also predicted.


Libra belongs to a Cardinal group of signs. 2020 is the year for faith and the ease which comes along with it. Jupiter transiting the house of communication, creativity, and siblings mean that big opportunities are coming your way. It is advised be more open to towards your siblings and respect their opinions. A huge shift in career for the betterment is predicted, particularly for those connected to the digital world. The first half of 2020 will be fantastic for entrepreneurs or for those planning to start a business. Avoid risky investments. If you are planning to move to a new place, you have a better chance of doing it. It’s a year for self-discovery and getting ready for a whole new decade. Gains through inheritance is pretty evident this year. From May to September, deal with utmost patience with your family and friends or avoid making any hasty decision in all spheres.


Being a Fixed sign, the year for scorpions will be of decluttering their life from unnecessary drama. You need to handle things with the utmost patience. As Jupiter will be transiting the house of family and finance this entire year for scorpions so there could be some delay in getting their inheritance. Don’t rush into making any decision related to the immediate family. Overspending could be a problem. Time to use your passion in the right direction and you could get some best and unexpected good gains from it. During the first quarter of 2020, you will get to meet some significant people in your line of work who will uplift your career. Travel is indicated by the end of the year which will help you clear your mind about a lot of things in life.


As a Mutable sign in astrology, for Sagittarius the year will centre on money movements which calls for you to keep an eye on all financial issues. Be it your taxes or your other monetary dealings. Jupiter this year is transiting your ascendant on the house of self-growth and wisdom and who you are as a person. You will get a good chance to revamp yourself and your life. If you are already into the field where you love being in career-wise, then this year will be all yours! Just be more open to change. People involved in the field of education, motivational speaking, and who are into law-making will do some excellent work. If you have plans to tie a knot in 2020, its a good time for you and some of you will be meeting someone truly interesting or good proposals will be on your way.


Belonging to the Cardinal signs, it will be a refreshing year for Capricorns as they have been going through a tough planetary time period for a long time. Things will be much easier for you now. For you, Jupiter will be transiting the house of dreams, seclusion, and light before dawn. Many things which you were not sure about will come into light within this year. This is going to be a busy and happy year which will make you more independent as a person. It will be dominant over your personal and professional relationships and you will be seeing things with a new perspective. Your intuitive powers will be more refined and you will be able to re-evaluate the relationships in your life. Travel is indicated this year which will help you grow emotionally and mentally. A fantastic deal is also there on the cards by the end of this year so just be more disciplined and organised in terms of your work.


Belonging to the fixed signed, 2020 will be the year of personal transformation with certain challenges that will eventually make you a strong person. Jupiter is transiting the house of the social network, luck, friends, and society, which comes with benefits. It’s likely that your social network will increase on a big level as you will be receptive to the ideas of networking. Friendships will be strengthened with a boost of luck. Try different approaches towards life this year. As you are known for your patience, this quality will help you to rebuild yourself. Set some personal boundaries so that it doesn’t drain your energy. In the year 2020, you will be able to reach the goals you have been planning for a very long time. If you are an investor in the stock market, good gains are indicated from there. Avoid switching jobs or investing money from May to September. A good time to reassess your relationship with the people you have in life.


As a Mutable signs, 2020 will all be about your tribe! Meeting and interacting with people on various levels throughout the year it can be some online group or some people with similar interest. For Pisces, Jupiter will be transiting your house of profession which also results in how your co-workers see you. Jupiter will be there till the end of 2020 so people who are into the education sector, writers and people who work as consultants will have some good opportunities. Work related travel is also indicated. Face your fears in 2020 and get done with it. You will be more optimistic. Traveling will be good for you if you plan in the second half of the year, it will help you unwind and relax. If you are thinking about marriage, then plan things mutually and avoid unnecessary arguments.