Memes that broke the internet in 2019

by Eman Saleem & Attiya Abbass
  • 04 Jan - 10 Jan, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Spotlight

Ah, where do we begin?

Meme (proper noun):

An Internet meme, more commonly known as simply a meme is a piece of media, traditionally combining image macros with a concept or catchphrase, which is spread from person to person via the Internet.

Now that Wikipedia has put a definition on it, we can attest to the facts that yes, memes have influenced the way how the people of our generation (and the older lot almost keeping up) interact, laugh and relate with each other. A piece of media happens to binds us more effortlessly in mirth, hilarity, and relatability more than any ideology or concept ever could.

Samina Peerzada, the inquisitive hostess

We have got to give to the veteran actress turned hostess for making her guests cosy and rather chatty on her show. The verdict is mixed from the masses – some feel that Peerzada has a knack for probing into very sensitive and personal aspects of her guests lives, clawing into private matters one is usually hesitant talking about on celluloid. If the internet dislikes something in unisons, memes follow. Her “aur phir kya huwa” questions, follow with a mask of inquisitiveness and polite curiosity on her countenance… which inadvertently triggered a sea of memes. The internet truly spares no one!

The 10 Year Challenge

If #ThrowbackThursdays weren’t cutting it, netizens came up with another challenge to manifest the ‘blasts from their pasts’. Social media users including a large number of celebrities rose to the challenge of sharing pictures of themselves from 2009, versus them in 2019. Believe us when we say this, some of the transformations that floated on the internet for several weeks were both appalling and intriguing. How much a person can transform within a span of decade!

Pop-cultural references feat desi twitter 

The desi Twitter had their own pop-cultural versions of stories to pass out to the younger generations, no fact checks involved. How did they do this? By picking up figures and celebrities and drawing hilarious comparisons to tease their kids. 

Sad angry cricket guy

The best thing Pakistan got out of the World Cup last year was probably the memes. And if our sense of humour that we use as our coping mechanism for cricket disappointments wasn’t enough, we now have a national meme for disappointed cricket fans. The angry guy, later identified as Muhammad Sarim Akhtar, continues to be an internet favourite and has been personified as “disappointment.” Because some emotions emojis cannot encapsulate.

The latest internet Sensation: Baby Yoda

It’s only been a few weeks and Baby Yoda has ruled the internet (and our hearts). The internet needed no context, neither needed to be a Star Wars fan to crush over Baby Yoda. His pointy ears and big drool-worthy eyes do all the talking for morbid sense of humour to break the internet and overshadowed the “Ok, Boomer” meme trend. Yes, we at MAG know our meme trends. The trend shall go into the new decade with us as memers (what’s another word for a professional meme creator?) continue to display their creativity with those big, needy eyes. We wonder, if anyone is thinking in bobble head Baby Yoda toys yet.