Twitter updates TV show reminders

Social media news

Twitter has updated the format of its TV show reminder buttons, which, when tapped, notify users when TV shows will go to air. The new format is a more refined variation of the same, which could help improve engagement, and ideally for Twitter, get more people tweeting about the latest TV shows. Twitter has been working for years to try and establish better linkage between its platform and TV viewing. Various studies have shown that traditional TV viewers are increasingly engaging on social platforms to discuss the content they're watching.

Instagram puts a stop to abusive language

Instagram is to warn its users when they are using language in their captions that may be perceived as offensive or bullying. The social media company said it will use artificial intelligence to spot language in captions that could be deemed potentially harmful. A similar feature, which alerts users when the comments they’re leaving on other people’s posts contain possibly harmful language, was launched earlier this year.

Job Alert: The Queen’s hiring!

The Queen is recruiting a new social media expert to run her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Royal Household is advertising for a “Head of Digital Engagement”, who will help to “maintain the Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage.” For a salary of £45,000 to £50,000 a year, depending on experience, the successful candidate will oversee the royal family’s social media accounts, develop digital strategies and manage a small team of digital media specialists.