Hira Hussain - “I’ve always been a creative at heart,”

A slight tug of opportunity and real talent unspools with determination. Putting this notion to test is Hira Hussain, finalist of Veet Miss Supermodel 2015 who marked a steady foothold in an industry of cut-throat competition, from her fame garnered in a talent hunt. Proving her mettle with a blockbuster film debut Cake and a number of drama serials, Hussain’s yearning of improvement and growth stands out in our conversation. She has the fashion radars swooning over her inherent personal style, to which this cute fringe-haircut adds a cherry on top. MAG sits across from the model-turned-actress to get to know her up close and personal and she sure knows how to keep things interesting. Read on…

Who was Hira Hussain before acting and modelling happened?

I’ve always been a creative at heart. I used to be a hairstylist and photographer before stepping into the world of acting and hosting.

Tell us something about you that no one knows.

What no one knows, is unknown for a reason.

Someone pressed the reset button. You’re 10 years back in time. What would you do differently?

I would savour the present and not rush into growing up.

Did you have a mentor or somebody who has been a constant inspiration?

Humble, content and disciplined humans are always inspirational!

Small screen or big screen: which would you want to explore more?

Big or small – they’re both equally exciting. Small screen, however, is more rewarding because it reaches far more people.

A quality about yourself that you love?

I’m honest and striving to be a good human in general.

Given the chance to write your own script, which subject would you choose and why?

It would be a modern take on olden times, relatable and reminiscent.

What, according to you, are practices in the industry that it needs to leave in the past?

Delayed payments.

Describe your personal style sense.

Street chic, casual and comfortable all in one.

Actors live a rather public life and the age of social media has amplified your interactions and role as a public figure, does it get tiresome? Do you ever wish to disconnect with work and just be you?

Interactions are most fun. I haven’t felt the need to disconnect since I have no trouble being my truest self at all times, and why not?

One thing you wish you had more time to do?

I manage to make time to do whatever my heart desires.

What would you like to say to online trollers?

Bruh! Just limit their access because you can!

How would you describe your acting style?

Natural and room for improvement.

What do you look for in a role while choosing scripts?

Prominence and significance.

What’s on top of your bucket list at present?

Umrah, Turkey and Bali.

What’s the worst question you’ve been asked in an interview?

I haven’t given many interviews but no question is a bad question as long as it’s relevant and worded correctly.

Throwback to Miss Veet, according to you how important are platforms like these to hunt talent?

It’s very important. It helped me bring out my strengths and capabilities. They’re great for exposure and building confidence.

How important was Cake to your career?

It was a great and an unforgettable experience. I wouldn’t say it was as important or helpful for my career.

As a host, what is integral to the practice? What makes a good host according to you?

As a good host, it is your duty to know your guest or then be genuinely interested in getting to know them. You must make your interviewee feel comfortable in your company and treat them with respect.

A role you did that stood out as challenging?

Anoushay in Teri Meri Jodi. It was my first drama and the lack of expertise made it very challenging.

What is your absolute worst habit that you want to break?

Avoid instant reactions and stress out less.