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Sunglasses trends you’re going to see everywhere this summer

Eyewear devotees, gather around because the summer 2020 sunglasses trends are here! As the days get longer and the sun gets stronger, good eye protection is a must, and this season’s sunglasses definitely deliver on that.

The eyewear options this season skewed large, with a wide enough range of designs that anyone will find something to like. There were lots of oddball creations in a variety of sizes, making many of the summer 2020 eyewear trends extremely creative.

This season’s eyewear trends did feature some holdovers from previous seasons, not to mention the various timeless and vintage options, which will never go out of style. Have a look, and decide which of this season’s sunglasses are your favourites!


Slim, vintage summer 2020 sunglasses trends continue with oval-shaped lenses that look like they’re straight out of the 90s.

Bright whites

If you're on the hunt for a sunglass trend that gives a little more oomph than basic black, but is just as classic and neutral, consider a bright white frame this summer season. Grab your favourite style – a tiny, aviator, oversized, and more – and make sure to choose a style in a clean white tone that really pops.

Blinged-out sunglasses

The summer 2020 eyewear trends predict a touch of bling – not as much as in previous years, so if you’re a fan of a lot of shine, you might want to dig up your old sunnies. Still, there was something in there for those who need all their accessories.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of aviator sunglasses for your summer 2020 sunglasses. This unisex design is totally timeless and conveys a sense of adventure that is hard to resist.


There is something particularly glamorous about oversized square sunglasses – this is not a shape that necessarily works with all features, but when it does, the effect is attention-grabbing. We think oversized square sunglasses are actually one of the major breakout summer 2020 eyewear trends, so expect to see all the influencers wearing squares.

Yellow tinted

Sunglasses in yellow hues have made a comeback in 2020. A bold yet versatile choice, yellow specs are perfect for the summer months, adding a touch of colour to your earth-coloured wardrobe.

Retro round

Have a bit of fun with your sunglasses and reach for a true retro style, by way of a large, round frame. We love everything from scalloped to clear to classic tortoise and you'll look chicer than ever as a modern-day flower child.

Mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses have been one of fashion's biggest style trends, spotted on style mavens worldwide. With eye-catching reflecting lenses, mirrored sunglasses make a strong statement and offer a great way to incorporate colour to your look.

Cat eye

Cat eye sunglasses tend to be the most feminine and flattering shape and they add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any look.