Traditional Meets Contemporary

Here’s how you can give your ethnic look a modern twist!

Are you shying away from ethnic wear because you think the fashion styles are not ‘cool’ enough? Are your kurtas and churidars relegated to a dark corner of your closet, losing preference to new fashion dresses? Are you close to giving away your ethnic outfits to make room for in-fashion tops? Then read on.

Fashion is constantly evolving and giving us so many different ideas to experiment with. Gone are the days when wearing ethnic outfits meant putting on a well-cut, coordinated shalwar kameez. We’ve even come beyond the days of creating ‘fusion’ looks by pairing kurtas with jeans. There are so many different fashion trends you can set by tweaking your ethnic clothes and giving them a dose of contemporary style. There’s something quite beautiful about ethnic patterns. Whether they are intricately embroidered, block printed, or even rendered digitally on fabric, ethnic designs add a touch of elegance to your trendy clothes. This year, keep that elegance intact as you give your ethnic look a revamp by simply switching silhouettes.

Go for long, flowy and flared silhouettes. If long and flowy isn’t your style and you prefer form-fitted silhouettes then don’t worry, 2020 is a welcoming year for all sorts of silhouettes.

This year, give your traditional kurta a new lease of life by separating it from its perennial partner, the churidar (or shalwar, or… you get the drift). You can create some amazing styles by mixing and matching your kurta with different bottoms. Wear it with a pair of embroidered pants for a fashion newsworthy look.

Also, aren’t accessories simply the best thing ever? A piece here and another there can act like magic and completely transform your ensemble. You can use accessories to give your modern-ethnic fusion look a high-fashion boost. They will tie the look together and give it a sense of coherence. So, go ahead, wear a kurti over an embroidered trouser and accessorise with metallic shoes, shimmery jhumkas, an eye-catching necklace, or all three! Although, 2020 has embraced all colour palettes with open arms but white, blue, red and pastels are the biggest colour trends for this year. Blue is definitely the standout shade for 2020. We recently saw purple that well and truly dethroned pink but now it's the turn of blue to infiltrate the wardrobe of the most stylish girls.

White on white is yet another trend that we are loving this year. A white on white embroidered dress paired with either a white dupatta or a colourful dupatta, is so versatile and stylish. Believe us, this hue can make you look polished and chic. Apart from white, pastels will also remain our forever favourites. While red, the colour symbolising confidence and determination, resonates perfectly with our personal style and is going to be seen in every IT girl’s wardrobe.

Hair & Makeup

Annus Abrar

Umer Mushtaq

Photography & Styling
Yasser Sadiq

Sadaf Kanwal