Fariya Hassan

Fariya and I experiment a lot together, not only with looks but also with photography. With her every look I have created is entirely different from the other. I’m always on a constant look out to try something new and in that way I feel we match each other’s level of total madness in terms of creating tirelessly and limitlessly.

Mansha Pasha

I have only worked with Mansha once as yet but it was an absolute delight to collaborate with her. I feel like Mansha brings her own charm in carrying an outfit and the cherry on the top is that she really enjoys experimenting which is what a stylist craves.

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha and I have created some really fun looks together, her personal style is really chic and edgy and so is mine but I am also very experimental with my looks and she really enjoys that. Most of the looks that I have created for her have been last minute, literally like a day prior to the event but it’s always worth it because she rocks every look beautifully.


With Bachelors

in Fashion Marketing, Sana has been working as a freelance stylist for two years now. She’s always wanted to be a stylist and her profound love for the process of creating looks has led her to work with some big names in the entertainment industry. Parekh says it’s a draining process, mentally and physically, there is a lot of uncertainty but what can you do if you love it so much, right? She Instagrams at @sanaparekh



No matter what your style is from too girly to punk, it’s an easy way to create a memorable and sleek look.

Square-toed heels

It adds a twist on the traditional heel while it still lengthens your legs adding a special touch to your ensemble in unique way.

Maxi desses

A maxi with a cinched waist is an easy way to flaunt the waist! You can pair combat boots with it and you are good to go. It’s also a 90’s authentic so one can easily mix it up and have some fun.

Over sized Victorian sleeves

My most favourite is this 18th century classic. Its oversized shape creates an illusion of a slimmed waist and just lifts up the mood of an outfit; this is a style that keeps coming back!


The most popular trend… it’s loud and fun and there is so much you can do with it. 

– Eman Saleem