Kubra Khan

To one of the funniest and kindest guy I know! Happy Birthday Superstar!! May Allah protect you and shower his blessing upon you! @fahadmustafa26

Bilal Ashraf

Recently a lot of dogs are being brutally tortured and killed in Pakistan. All animals feel like we do and have a right to live. #StopKillingDogs #SaveAnimals


Take mental health seriously! Help people who need it if you see anyone around you who isn’t feeling their best, please help them instead of asking them questions. Our mind also gets hurt like our hearts.

Momina Mustehsan

“For too many people, it seems to be binary – they are either on lockdown or taking no precautions.” Wear a mask! Wash your hands! And keep a distance. Stay #COVIDAware

Omair Rana

If you learn to take care, then you will learn to take care..! What the world needs now is empathy and compassion. #KhayalRakhein #DeliteCares #PersonalCare