An ode to traditional jewelry

Types of jewelry you must have in your chiffonier

Pakistan’s traditional jewelry is known for its fine craftsmanship and intricately detailed designs. Our jewelry designs are crafted infusing culture and spirituality into each piece, keeping in mind the need to adorn a woman in grand finery so that all eyes are on her. Here are some of the pieces that have traditional significance and have always managed to conserve their glory.


Whether it is a wedding, a party or any outing, having a pair of traditionally crafted jhumkas can completely change your look!

Beaded bracelets

When all is not right with the world, there are certain nostalgic things that are a total – albeit brief – antidote. This season's sartorial reminiscence? Colourful, beaded bracelets.

Floral jewelry

Remember the popular song London Thumakda where Kangna was wearing floral jewelry? Ever since then floral jewelry has become a trend for wedding functions and for pre-wedding functions like mehendi etc. From earrings to floral maang tikkas and haath phools, there are many ways to incorporate this trend into your festive look.


The jhumar made a comeback from the Mughal era and totally won our hearts as it slowly became a trending bridal accessory. This stunning piece of jewelry not only enhances a bride’s look, but proffers a regal look.

Headbands and rings

Hair accessories are everywhere – from oversized scrunchies to gem-encrusted headbands. And while delicate rings have been the modern trend, traditional, mirror work rings still remain a fashion favourite of all the IT girls.

Gota patti jewelry

Adding to the riot of colours is the gota patti jewelry. It is the new go-to trend for girls. These fun and colourful accessories are high on style and low on maintenance.

Nose rings/nath

From the traditional jeweled nath to the round ‘Jodha nath‘, these fashion props are regal in appearance and look best when paired with a traditional outfit.