Beached Away

Summer is here and some of us dare to fantasise, mainly in denial, about how we’re going to dress up in summery cool clothes, bright colours, daytime make up on point and short hair to match, let down loose to flick as we go. Yes, that’s the summer we all dream of but what do we get? In reality, it is sweat trickling down your back as the sun shines bright and hot with all its might, we get melting make up that no setting spray can save and perspiration soaked-through clothes. That’s the city life we get and while we wait, hoping and praying at the same time, that the summer will be kinder so we can enjoy the longer days. So, when the heat has consumed you and burnt all your remaining energy to deal with work, home, people, traffic and whatnot, what do we do? HEAD TO THE BEACH! The salty winds, sandy toes, the soft heat of the day and the wild of the sea can salvage agonising sunny summer days into a much needed detox from the world. So bid goodbye to deadlines, reminders, checklists of things-to-do (an average adult has about five) and put on those flip flops and airy shirts and let’s beach the summer-tiredness away. Consider this your bucket list for the brutal weather that lay ahead and vow to tick off every item on this list. To cooler days!

Nathia Gali beach

For the beach bums in Karachi who want to dodge the large crowds at Hawksbay, on the same coastline, drive a little further to Nathia Gali beach where the waves are high, wild but inviting. The beach doesn’t host too many visitors and is the perfect place to wind down from the loud of the city to the therapeutic, loud of the sea. The drill is simple; on the agenda is to find a sweet spot, and trust me there is one, where the sun couples with the wind and is just the right kind of warm. Bring along your mats to sit on, but if you are a true beach lover then for sure, you don’t mind a little mess. Read a book, play some music, lose yourself in sun, sand and sea and when you have witnessed that mind blowing sunset, gather your things and hit the road that leads back home. Tell me, do you feel a little lighter? A kind of nature-induced-intoxication when you smile to yourself and your mind is at peace and dreamy vibes follow you through the rest of the week. Before you know it, another weekend is here and remember how we talked about checking off all bucket list items?

Buji Koh beach, Balochistan

The best part about the underrated beaches in Pakistan is the fact that they are yet to be explored fully and this non-commercialisation makes these spots very close to nature. If you want to experience a beach day out that isn’t crawling with crowds or litter and where you can enjoy untouched sand and sea, then pack your bag and hit the road. There’s a jewel of a long, sandy and practically empty beach waiting for you on the Balochistan coastline and it is going to be all the detox you need. The sand shall feel silky under your feet, the sun kinder and the water, oh the waters, so magical and rejuvenating. A curious rock formation, sits idly on the shores, with waves crashing lightly around it. The rock formations also have some curious looking caves that are worth exploring and a healthy colony of crabs that are best left alone. Given the season, expect high tide and wild seas. If the loud crashing of the waves doesn’t scare you, then go child, go. Sit on the beach where the water can only touch your toes, cup a steaming mug of hot beverage and let the wind blow in your hair.

Gwadar Harbour, Balochistan

While Karachi has a few beaches to offer, Balochistan takes away the prize of the best beaches in the country and most of them are so unexplored, the fun and vibe of a sunny day by the sea is the ultimate version of untouched. Gwadar Harbour, as we all know, is the upcoming port and it may not be as secluded and unexplored as other options along the same coastline but it offers all the right ingredients to entertain you when you need an escape. While you laze about with nothing but unwinding on the agenda for the day, you might just be visited by passing flamingos. Our yet-to-be-explored beaches have allowed wildlife in their natural habitat to live in peace. So, when you see rosy pink coloured flamingos strutting on the beach in groups without giving the world any care, don’t chase them down, follow them in a space where worries of the world don’t exist. Be a flamingo, marvel at how Mother Nature works and let me know if you can’t help but smile ear to ear.

Daran beach, Balochistan

The last town before the Pak-Iran border – steep hills, yellow sand and sapphire blue waters – like walking into nature’s cradle. It’s going to be all the detox that you need and no negative vibes exist here. Take all your friends, have a summer day BBQ, sit at the beach surrounding a bonfire, play some guitar, dance away the daylight to some good music, just sit calm on the beach and watch as the last of the traces of orange and red and yellow fade away on the horizon on the background of the thumping of the sea. There’s nothing a sunset can’t cure.

Ormara beach, Balochistan

Are you ready to let a sight so beautiful rock the earth from under your feet as you stand on the edge of a mountain taking in the vastness and stillness of the deep blue sea and the sun bidding its adieu for the day? Or would you just want to sit there, feel the wind in your face, listen to the slow breathing of the sea, the sight of clouds floating below you and let the tranquility soothe you? Do whatever you want but do this once. Find yourself on a long dusty road with nothing to see but sandy rock formation far and wide and at the end of the long journey, find yourself on the Ormara beach. The beach nestled between soaring hills and the jewel blue sea hidden between them shall be everything you could ask for. Who knows, you might just… find yourself!