Salma Zafar accuses Javeria and Saud for fraud and non-payment of her dues


Veteran actor Salma Zafar has accused the celebrity couple Javeria and Saud for defrauding her on her due payment of working for their company named, JJS Production House. The actress in an Instagram live session revealed that the duo’s production house has till yet not cleared her payments and of many other actors who worked for dramas, Yeh Zindagi Hai and Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai, which were made under their production banner. She alleged that they owe her a whopping Rs 10 Million. Zafar also shared that she has worked with the couple for over six years. “When I messaged Javeria to inquire about my due payments, she immediately blocked me,” said Zafar. Moreover, she said, “My hands are tied because I don’t have anything to prove my claims but I know how to fight physically and legally.” She said that she will continue to unveil the faces of these so-called celebrities. Rumour has it that the alleged couple will take a legal action against Zafar. This is a developing story.