Depilex Reveal showcase 2017

  • 02 Dec - 08 Dec, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

In a one of its kind hair and makeup show, Depilex beauty salon presented in Lahore an extensive collection of makeup looks and hair trends. Among an exclusive gathering comprising of the media and fashion fraternity, the showcase had three distinct categories: bridal hair and makeup, hair colour and avant-garde hair and makeup.

Taking inspiration from international trends and customising them for the Pakistani market, each collection represented masterful techniques that had the audience in awe. The models flaunted elaborate hairdos in the first segment, looking truly like royal brides. For the segment, the ladies looked transformed into fearless warriors with hair in the shades of red, purple, steel-grey, blonde and more. The last segment was all about letting oneself go; the hairstyles were all about experimenting with trends and self expression. The models appeared to be from the future with grand hairdos. Many of the fashion industries collaborated on the grand show by lending apparel and accessories. Designers Umer Sayeed sponsored the bridal segment, while the avant-garde segment was made even more interesting by Zaheer Abbas’ wardrobe.

Designers Munib Nawaz and Zuriador also collaborated with their menswear and womenswear, respectively. 

Photography : ABDUL RAFIQ