Anoushay Ashraf is providing a platform for all the women with her Believe Women initiative

Anoushay Ashraf has ever since been vocal either if it’s about the heated social issues that we’re surrounded with or educating other celebrities who badly need to understand the scenarios before jumping to conclusions. The VJ-turned-host was deeply affected by the heinous motorway gang-rape incident, she then took to her social media to announce her initiative, 'Believe Women', which she hopes will raise awareness through her social media platform. "It’s my small attempt to bring to light the REAL stories of harassment/rape/assault that women have faced at the hands of some sick minded individuals, so some of us can understand how deep rooted this sickness is and how it effects women," Ashraf posted. Anoushey has been posting four-five stories that women have been sharing with her, every day and that too with keeping the identities anonymous. "Just listen and read carefully. Mindfully," she requests her followers, promising that none of what she is posting is made up and making her absolute intolerance towards hateful comments, clear. She also explained that the stories are not only from Pakistan but from around the world stating how deep rooted the problem is.