Meera addresses accusations of fraud and corruption in a press conference


Over the years, scores of celebrities have found themselves the subject of unwanted attention because of dubious behaviour or comments on their parts. Meera, who has been the centre of many controversies, from rumours of her being married to a leaked video scandal, has once again fallen prey of a controversy surrounding corruption allegations against her. She recently addressed accusations of her earning money through fraud in a press conference held in Lahore. She claimed that she is a good human being and her whole life and career is based on struggle and hard work. “I offered my own residency to a poor family during the corona pandemic. I allowed them to stay there for a period of three months and in return, they are making false accusations against me,” she said. She also said that she is willing to disclose all her assets and said that, “I will hang myself if I’m found guilty of fraud and corruption and if any allegations are proved true.”