Ali Hamza’s Sarbuland is the girl power song you need to add to your playlist

This one’s for the girls

Studies show music holds a lot of power; it can change your mood, lower stress, make you more productive at work. But beyond that, for centuries songs have been utilised as a way to educate the masses. In recent decades, more artists are taking to songs to shine light on women empowerment. Singer and songwriter, Ali Hamza, is one of the few artists to highlight the importance of empowering young girls through his new song Sarbuland. Talking about the song he said, “I felt 10 feet high when my daughter was born and today I feel I’ve added to that by creating something for all the women of this nation.” So, whether you're looking for some encouragement or just need to be reminded of the strong and powerful woman you are, this is the ladies anthem to blast on repeat.