Asteroid as big as Golden Gate Bridge will fly past Earth on first full day of spring

  • 13 Mar - 19 Mar, 2021
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Spring is coming – and according to NASA, so is an asteroid as big as the Golden Gate Bridge! Through a diagram on their website, the space agency confirmed that an asteroid, known as 231937 (2001 FO32), will fly past Earth on March 21, the day after the spring equinox. On that day, the asteroid is expected to come within 1.25 million miles of Earth at 11:02 a.m. ET, according to Space Reference. Scientists say the asteroid will be between 0.5 to one mile in diameter, which is larger than approximately 97 per cent of asteroids and similar in size to the Golden Gate Bridge, though still small in comparison to large asteroids. According to Earth Sky, the asteroid will pass by Earth at 76,980 miles per hour or 21 miles per second – making it "one of the fastest space rocks known to fly by Earth." Those interested in viewing the passing asteroid won't be able to see it with their eyes alone, but can do so using an eight inch or larger diameter telescope.