Legendary writer Haseena Moin passes away at 79

Sad demise

It’s no secret that 2020 wasn’t the start to the decade that the world hoped for. From the current health situation to the loss of stars like Amanullah Khan, Sabiha Khanum, and Tariq Aziz, there were many reasons to mourn in 2020. As expected of all things in life, 2021 also will see the loss of many celebrities. Yet another demise that left us shattered is the loss of legendary dramatist and playwright Haseena Moin. The writer that gave us classics like Dhoop Kinare, Tanhaiyaan and Anakhi passed away at the age of 79 in Karachi after fighting a battle with cancer. 2021 has really been an unlucky year for the literacy circles of Pakistan. The literary world mourns the loss of such a talented writer. Haseena Moin shall always be remembered for her contributions and by the great masterpieces she left behind.