Perfect pizza in just 27 seconds

  • 24 Aug - 30 Aug, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
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Long-serving Domino's team member Zagros Jaff can hand-craft a fresh pizza in just 27 seconds – which equates to 133 pizzas in an hour.

This talent has won him the title of Domino's European Fastest Pizza Maker for the third year running.

Zagros defended his title at the Domino's annual European Fastest Pizza Maker Competition, which sees the best pizza chefs from across the continent put their skills to the test.

As part of the competition, contestants are judged on their ability to make three large 13-inch pizzas, each topped with 40 slices of pepperoni, 142g of mushrooms, 198g of diced cheese and a serving of Domino's signature tomato pizza sauce.

The judges are very strict on their marking, ensuring all pizzas meet the highest standards.

If a pepperoni slice is in the wrong place or the fresh dough has not been stretched to the right size, contestants are penalised by 15 seconds per error; demonstrating it’s not easy to win this unusual title.

But Jaff managed to do so once again, and as such he's been rewarded with a very special trophy – a solid gold cast of his magical pizza-making hands, inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.