Zahid Ahmed opened up about nose job gone wrong

Talking truth

Another YouTuber on the block, the Ishq Zahe Naseeb actor uploads a video on his channel talking to fans about his failed surgery. "The purpose of my channel is to be truthful to myself, and share my personal experiences that have helped me in becoming a better person in my life,” Khan begins. “Aaj ka topic hai ke maine apni naak kaise katwai.” He says, this decision was bad on his own part and this could result in impacting his future performances, triggering insecurities about his looks. “When a person is too involved in worshipping his own ego, he begins to find problems in himself, wanting to improve them. When in reality, these are not problems, because God has made everything so perfect. I thought it was a common procedure, it won’t be such a big deal, a lot of people in the world get it done, and I can get it too. But in my case, it went terribly wrong. Either I couldn’t take care of it as needed, or God disapproved of my decision." He goes on to say that the purpose of the video was to address his fans’ questions, inquiring about what had happened to his nose. The Ghabrana Nahi Hai actor concludes by urging his fans to think their decisions about their ‘flaws’ through and count their blessings.