Man shares simple hack to peel onions in seconds – and with no tears

  • 04 Jul - 10 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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Onions are a key ingredient in many of our favourite recipes – but peeling them can be enough to drive amateur cooks mad. Scratching off the skin always seems to leave little bits behind or we end up taking off layers of onion too, and the whole process is enough to leave us in tears. But one man has shared his simple but effective method to peel the vegetable, which also harnesses your anger at having to do the job in the first place. Instagram user @James_Rembo uploaded a video to the site with the caption: "Apparently people enjoy how I can peel an onion." He begins by cutting off the remains of the stalk and chopping it in half so it splits where the stalk would have been. Placing it flat on a chopping board, he says, "Want to know the best way to peel an onion?" before making a fist and slamming it down, splitting the onion and leaving the skin to slide off with no hassle. When it comes to cutting the onion and stopping yourself from tearing up, methods range from holding a teaspoon in your mouth to wearing goggles. Freezing onions has proven to be a trustworthy way of bypassing the crying but it's a lot of hassle, so try chopping it up under a kitchen extraction fan or running the onion under water as you cut instead.