Never brush your hair from the scalp down – and other mistakes we're all making

  • 11 Jul - 17 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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When it comes to brushing our hair we can all admit to being a little too heavy-handed – especially when we're faced with tangles. But combing too hard or even brushing with the wrong hairbrush can cause long-term damage. Hair brand Tangle Teezer has conducted a study to see just how many women are concerned about the damage their doing to their hair. And, the results are in – out of the 2,000 women surveyed, four in 10 are worried that some of their actions are bad for their hair, and more than one in 20 even admitted to using the old tip to "brush your hair 100 times before bed" – yikes. A fifth of women believed it was fine to brush their hair "roughly" in order to get through any knots or tangles, and a fifth admit to sharing a hair brush, which, Tangle Teezer founder Shaun Pulfrey, says is a big no-no. One of the biggest mistakes people are making is brushing their hair from the scalp down, which can lead to split ends, more knots and ultimately, damaged hair. Instead you should start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. This ensures that all of the tangles are tackled carefully without ripping any hair out in the process. Shaun P said, "No matter what the hair texture, it’s important to use an intelligent hairbrush which is gentle.” “It’s concerning that women are using one brush for all tasks, a good way to look at this is you wouldn’t use a foundation brush to apply blusher, so why use a detangling brush to blow dry hair? No matter how tempting it is to pull or cut knots, it’s always best to use a detangling hairbrush," he continues.