YouTube might soon be banned in Pakistan on Supreme Court’s orders


The YouTube banning trend is getting out of hand. Since a few years we have been hearing of some country or the other that has decided to protect its oversensitive citizens from the horrors of video sharing by initiating a block of the site. Last week, the Supreme Court of Pakistan hinted at banning YouTube during the hearing of a case of a man involved in a sectarian crime. The court remarked that they have no objection to freedom of expression but they objected to the unregulated content on social media. This news created unrest among Pakistanis. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan, Tania Aidrus was also of the opinion that banning YouTube is “not a solution”. She objected the ban on YouTube in a Tweet that read, "Banning a platform like YouTube is not a solution. The three years when YouTube was banned in Pakistan it held back our content creator ecosystem which has just started to flourish now, creating employment opportunities for thousands.”