Veteran actor Mohammed Ahmed says there is no room for talent in private TV channels

Veteran writer and actor Mohammed Ahmed who can be seen in the drama Sabaat, has given a thought provoking interview recently, and discussed about the wrong doings of the media industry. He talked about how the younger lot in the media fraternity is ill-treating the actors who are associated with the industry for decades. The actor was of the opinion that the national television may create and produce quality content but it cannot be expected from private TV channels, “There is no room for art, talent, merit or quality but more weight is given to parchi system or fair skin in private channels. We are still making irrelevant comparisons like why Turkish content or Bollywood films are here. Why don’t we compare the freedom of thought and expression they have shown in their mediums? Our freedom of expression is only limited to vulgarity,” he added. While pointing out the lack of respect for senior actors, he shared, “I was working on a project once with a new artist and she was late for over four hours. I asked her assistant and you will not believe the things that the young actor said to me. I don’t think I can ever repeat them again. She called me out in front of almost 30 people. She didn’t recognise me, so I told her that I’m of your father’s age. She still went on and insulted me. Everyone has their self-respect. One has to respect the age. But when even that doesn’t happen, then what else can I even say?” the actor said. Sigh!