Mira Sethi is all set to release an audiobook for her debut novel

Now you’re talking!

Books are great. They're really, really good. You can flip through them, they smell great when they're fresh off the shelf, and if a mate who borrowed one off you folds the corners of the pages over, then you're legally allowed to break one of their fingers. But audiobooks are great too. For one thing, there aren't any pages to fold the corners of. For another, they're going through a revolution right now, with A-list names signing up to read both new releases and classics from the literary canon. Plus, you get all kinds of extra bits and pieces thrown in for good measure. In fact, some audiobooks are even better than the actual books. An addition to the finest is actress turned author Mira Sethi’s upcoming debut novel, Are You Enjoying?, which is also 2021’s most anticipated books, compiled by Vogue and Refinery29. While the novel will be out in April 2021, the author is busy recording its audio version for now. She took to her Instagram to reveal about her audiobook and wrote, “Recording the audiobook for ARE YOU ENJOYING. Did I trip through the minefield of my own words? Yes. Did I have fun with accents? YES.”