Tooba Siddiqui steps behind the camera as writer-producer for ‘Gumn’

Triple threat!

Tired of the one-dimensional roles offered to women and hungry to create seminal cinematic works, many female actresses are taking matters into their own hands, stepping behind the camera and embracing roles as writers, producers, and directors. By leveraging their name recognition and influence, these women are exercising greater control over the projects they bring to life, overseeing them from inception to distribution, and working to shatter industry’s glass ceiling. One such star that went from actress for hire to bona fide boss is Tooba Siddiqui. Tooba is making her debut as a writer-producer for a new drama serial titled as Gumn. She revealed the news on her Instagram with a caption that read, “7.8.6 here we go !! My first as a Producer/ screenwriter. Good luck to team GUMN.”