Bee Gul and Yasra Rizvi join hands for an upcoming project

Dynamic duo

From the janitor who cleans the sets to the studio chief who decides to finance it, thousands of people are involved in the production of a single film or drama, be it an indie or a blockbuster. The role of the director is usually seen as the most important as it is the role with the most responsibility. They receive the most praise if the film or drama is a success and also most of the blame if it fails. But a good director by himself is not enough to make a great project. A good screenplay writer is necessary as well. It is this particular duo of a director and screenwriter that will have a major say on how the final product turns out to be. The upcoming writer-director duo to prove why their dynamic works best is Yasra Rizvi and Bee Gul’s collaboration for an upcoming project whose title is presumably Working Women. For the drama, Yasra will be taking the director’s seat and Bee Gul will be doing what she does best, i.e. write a masterpiece like Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and her most recent, Raqeeb Se.