Natasha Noorani’s new single Choro perfectly explains toxic relationships

On repeat

At some point in your life, you’ll get into the hardest relationship to leave. This relationship will test you, and it’ll probably also be the hardest to get over. Nothing explains this feeling better than Natasha Noorani’s new single Choro. Talking about the song, Natasha said, “The song is about being stuck in a toxic environment and the labour of leaving. Each space in the music video showcases a different aspect of that struggle. I wrote the first demo for this song in 2019 on my laptop webcam as a joke and it evolved into a song that has served me well over the years and I’m hopeful it will do the same for others.” The song has been arranged, composed, written and performed by Natasha. The music video for the song has been co-directed by Abdul-Rehman Malik and Natasha. While the art direction is by Hashim Ali.