Maya Ali launches her own clothing label, ‘MAYA prêt-a-porter’

Fashion calling

Fashion is as much a part of celebrities' lives as their acting and music careers. After all, getting glammed up for red carpet events is a regular thing if you're an actress or a pop star. That's why it also seems so natural for these celebs to segue into a career in fashion after they're done with show business (or even while they're still in it). Sometimes, it starts with a collaboration. A designer sees the marketing potential of teaming up with a famous celebrity, and the two strike up a partnership that combines the designer's sartorial talents and the celeb's star power. Other times, the celebrity realises early on that she's interested in fashion as much as in show business. In any case, we always love it when stars use their artistic talents in the name of fashion. One such actor-turned-designer is Maya Ali. The Teefa in Trouble actress took to her social media to break the big news. Maya’s fashion label is named as MAYA prêt-a-porter and it’s a collaboration with her two cousins Ansa and Zainab. "I am absolutely thrilled and a teeny bit nervous to launch MAYA prêt-a-porter. All I need now is your love and prayers," she said while revealing her new venture.