Nida Yasir disappoints again with her show on finding the “perfect bahu”

Socially irresponsible

In a time when celebrities are putting their influencer status to use and educating masses on social topics, morning show host Nida Yasir that often produces content of questionable quality, upsets audiences yet again. A video has been doing rounds on social media from earlier this year where the host, on her morning show Good Morning Pakistan, invited actress Saima Qureshi with her son. During the show, she played a game called “Bahu number 1” which revolved around finding the perfect daughter-in-law for Saima, where she had to choose one girl for her son and reject the other two based on their qualities. This isn’t the first time Nida has come up with such an absurd content. With so many controversies revolving around her show, it’s high time that the authorities take action.