Danish Taimoor is overjoyed as he gets a mention in Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebratory video


No matter who you are, when your celebrity crush mentions your name in front of millions of people the only thing you are is overjoyed and actor Danish Taimoor is a prime example of that. The Deewangi actor took to social media to celebrate his moment of pride after his favourite football star Cristiano Ronaldo hit 300 million followers on Instagram and posted a video that featured Taimoor's comment. "I have been his biggest fan since Day 1," Taimoor announced. "This morning I was on my Instagram and saw his post on him hitting 300 million followers, and as I watching the video, I saw my name in there and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes," he said. "Although being a mature adult, I started celebrating like a kid with Rayan. I still cannot believe it. It’s not just that ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ mentioned me; it’s my idol, my goat, who mentioned me in his video celebrating a milestone in his legacy. It really is an honour and something I will never forget," he added, overwhelmed with joy. Ace footballer Ronaldo has become the first global celebrity to hit 300 million followers on Instagram.